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My Reaction Would Be…

Friday, 20 April 2012

My Reaction Would Be…

Bener2 dah Speechless! I want them ALL…
Prove that DESIGN is IMPORTANT. Very, very creative.

Labrador T-shirt

Tetris Legging

Chess Set


Whatever Clock

Fighting Shape Cookies

Mother of God Bread Toaster

LUNCH Bugs Wrapping

Stacked 3 Cups in One

Vase Necklaces (With Plants)

Love Track Wheels For Your Bike

Love / Hate T-Shirt

Paint My Shirt

Umbrella With “Sign”

Wooden Keyboard

Chun Li Sneakers

Chimp Cup

Totem Crayons


Padlock Flash Disk


Sesame Street Cupcakes

Fruit Drinks

Credits to
More there! XD

Tetris Legging

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