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Thursday, 30 August 2012


Good day, mate!

I’m the new member here, and you can call me Raymond. It’s so nice to meet you, mate!

This is my first article, and I will tell you about my last holiday. Hope it will adding you some new experience.

I’m from Central Java, so I did “Mudik” to my hometown Welahan, Jepara, Central Java. It was so amazing there, i’ve done so much quality time with my family especially with my brother, in only 3 activies: soccer, nap, and EAT!

Here’s my traditional food culinary-list : (Hold up your saliva)

“Nasi Tahu Kudus”; Dry-fried tofu, cabbage, and bean sprouts, drenched with peanut sauce. My recommendation: Nasi Tahu Tosera, Kudus.

“Sate Kerbau Kudus”; Sweet, savory, and soft when bitten. Sate Kerbau served with peanut sauce and a savory blend “serundeng”. My recommendation: Sate Kerbau 57, Kudus.

“Soto Kudus”; Speechless..You should try it guys…So tasty! My recommendation: Soto & Pindang Kudus Pak Sulichan, Kudus.

“Nasi Pindang Kudus”; Very unique food from Kudus. My recommendation: Soto & Pindang Kudus Pak Sulichan, Kudus.

“Nasi Opor Sunggingan”; Chicken cooked in “opor” spices, then moved from the broth, and burned. Then cut in pieces, and served with thickened “opor” sauce.

“Nasi Asem-Asem”; Sliced-savory beef, with red hot & spicy sauce. My recommendation: RM Rahayu, Demak.

“Nasi Ayam Semarang”; Warm rice, shredded chicken, sweet-savory boiled egg, pumpkin soup and spicy “krecek”. My recommendation: Nasi Ayam Mbok Somo, Semarang.

“Gula Kacang”; Peanut, ginger, boiled and mixed with palm sugar, then chilled. My recommendation: Gula Kacang Bandungan.

That’s all,mate. I really love the traditional food anywhere, anyplace. What about you? See ya around!
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