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Since our establishment in 2005, Flux is providing you with a reliable one-stop design solution. That’s why you will need a team just like the Avengers; we’re as dependable and strong as them in terms of teamwork and creative strength. Flux design is not just graphic design, but we are growing fast to become a full service digital marketing agency based in Jakarta, that is powered by professionals who are experienced in search marketing, social media management, and branding.
Our Services
  • branding agency jakarta


    numerous benefits including a highly competitive cost, highest quality of printing, and delivering the prints straight to your door

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  • digital


    Appeal the Millenials and Z Generation right on their natural environment. Gain limitless exposure as you fully utilizing the appropriate media of the digital age.

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  • jasa graphic design


    How do you design the precise and correct graphical items for every of your business needs? With a Photoshop? Creative ideas? Interesting theme? Artful strokes?

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  • branding agency jakarta


    Build the ideal brand for your product and company with the definite and distinct features while staying classy to keep the image stays within your ..

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  • digital marketing agency


    Imagine you’re being helped from the scratch as we build the correct strategy concept to the point of preparing the perfect media plans tailored exclusively ..

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